Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Thank You So Much!

      I wanted to write one final post to say thank you so very much for the cards and gifts and my Summer of Fun Basket! I had a wonderful year with your children and I am excited that I will get to see them next year either in my class or in the halls at F.Ave!
    We received a letter from the Dekalb International Student Center thanking us for the book bag donations and the order should be in our hands in the next week or so. I am so proud of the children and their hard work. Their kindness and generosity will truly make the lives of others a little brighter!
  Happy Summer to you all! See you in August!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Third Grade Lock-In case you don't already know!

The Lock-in is TONIGHT!!

Where: Westchester
When: Tonight from 6:30-11

**Please feed your child dinner before you drop off /check-in at 6:30.

** Wear comfy clothes for art, dancing, and a movie.

** Be ready to eat the donut buffet and popcorn!

** Bring a sleeping bag and pillow for movie time.



Monday, April 24, 2017


Good Afternoon,
    I just wanted to let you know that GMAS went well this morning! We spent the rest of the morning working on our marketplace products, had a little lunch, and part of a movie for indoor recess. We are in need of a few supplies for marketplace if you have any of these items at home that you can spare, please send them in!

* TP/paper towel cardboard rolls
* balloons
* flower seeds
* newspaper
*unused or gently used socks
* shoe boxes
* small hot glue gun glue sticks

  Next Friday, we are walking up to Woodlands Garden in the morning for a lesson with Renfroe Middle School students. The students will take our children around the gardens and do various lessons with them. Last year it was so much fun! I need 1-2 additional volunteers, but ALL are welcome! Please join us! We will walk up there around 9:30 & be back at 11:15ish. Let me know if you'd like to come. I think Erica posted a sign-up sheet via shutterfly. Just email me if the spots are full!

Thanks so much!
Here are some photos from the last 2 weeks:

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The LAST Six Weeks of 3rd Grade!

Hello Friends,
  The last 6 weeks will be very busy and eventful. Please look at the calendar and explanation of each event. Let me know if you have questions!

April 18th: Coffee Chat with Ms. Nesbitt 7:30-8 am
  (If your child is new to LINKS, you might find this helpful)

April 24-27th:  GMAS TESTING
 (Monday= Writing ELA, Tuesday=ELA/Reading, Wed=Math 1, Thursday= Math 2)

April 27th: 1:00pm  Author Visit
  (Tim Miller, author of Hamstersaurus Rex )

April 28th & May 1st: GMAS Make-Ups

May 4th: 3rd Grade Visit to F.AVE

May 5th: Woodlands Garden Collaborative Field Trip with Renfroe Students

May 8th-11th: MAP testing & Make-ups

May 12th : 3rd Grade Lock-In 6:30pm-11pm

May 18th: 10-12pm MARKETPLACE
(You can come and buy the wonderful arts and crafts we are selling to benefit charity!)

May 19th : Field Day!

May 26th : Last Day of School

We have been writing book reviews to complete our unit on Characterization. Some children typed their reviews and others created Imovies!


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Rocks, Minerals, Fossils.....and a Puppy!

 I hope you had a wonderful break. We had a stay-cation and we adopted a puppy! This is the newest member of our family.            

 Ziggy Stardust Soons!

       Last week we started our unit on rocks and minerals. Your child investigated and observed the attributes of minerals, how rocks form, and they created a fossil imprint. The three 3rd classes rotated to different classrooms and worked with other students to learn about rocks, minerals, and fossils.

  We are in the home stretch of being Third Graders. I can't believe it! I am working with the children to prepare them for F.Ave. We have been discussing change and perspective as well as reflective thought during morning meeting everyday. I'm sure gonna miss this bunch!

Here are a few recent photos I took:

Community Circle Recorder Performance

Nature People!


SLC Practice with Kindergarten

    See you tomorrow!